New Blog and Nairobi Summer Trip



Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new blog! We will use this blog to keep you updated on our projects and to share with you news, impressions and exciting developments!

We are excited to announce that we are visiting our partner committee in Nairobi this month! From the 7th to the 21st August, we are travelling to Kenya to meet with Kite Nairobi, our partner NGOs and with participants of our projects. During this trip, we aim to evaluate the progress on our current mentorship scheme and assess possible opportunities for improvement and expansion of the scheme. Together with Kite Nairobi, we will also spend several days discussing ideas for new projects! Lastly, we will make a 2-day short trip to Kakamega County to meet with our partners at the Nasio Trust regarding our social entrepreneurship project. Our social entrepreneurship team is already in Kenya, as they spend several weeks travelling in order to prepare the implementation of the project. We are excited to meet up with them as well and will keep you updated on their journey!

We are happy to see our partners at Kite Nairobi and looking forward to a great and productive time together! We are especially looking forward to joining the mentorship scheme on their special activity day and we will share with you on social media the daily news about our trip, so stay tuned (for example, by following our new Instagram page @KiteOxford)!

Joe, Laura and Pia

(Oxford committee)