Kite Oxford

Joe MacConnell

Along with Torben, I’m co-founder and co-director of Kite Oxford. Torben and I founded Kite Oxford inspired by the success of the Cambridge Development Initiative, and with a firm belief that students could contribute more than just basic manpower to development efforts.

I really enjoy the collaborative nature of our organisation. Together as Nairobi and Oxford teams we possess a range of skills and backgrounds, and this enables us to create really impactful, innovative projects.

As well as general oversight, in my role I’m particularly involved in the projects side of things. I worked closely with Patricia and Zach in designing the mentorship scheme, and worked closely with Shian (last year’s entrepreneurship director) on the creation of the jigger-targeting shoe enterprise. It’s been exciting seeing these projects grow and I look forward to their further development.

I’m currently studying a Masters in Economics for Development and aim to pursue a career as a development economist upon graduating. I completed my undergraduate degree in PPE last year.