We Are a student-led initiative seeking to maximize the agency and impact of students in development.


We identify neglected development challenges in Kenya through on-the ground research and community engagement. We match these challenges with innovative solutions by combining the academic expertise and entrepreneurial potential of Oxford University’s ecosphere, and the local knowledge and vigour of Kenya’s most talented university students. Together as Kite Oxford and Kite Nairobi (the two committees forming our partnership) we then create pilot projects, deliver proof of concept and work with handover partners to scale implementation and maximise the impact of our innovations.

Inspired by the Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI), a partnership between Cambridge students and students in Dar Es Salaam, we formed the Kite Oxford and Kite Nairobi partnership in October 2017. Together with Kite Vancouver and Kite Lima, we are one of the pioneering partnerships for Kite International, an organisation founded by former CDI members to promote the spread of CDI’s model. In our work, we aim to:

  • empower communities through our projects, alleviating problems that matter to them

  • use our access to university resources and student enthusiasm to drive innovation in development

  • engage and empower students in Oxford and Nairobi in development


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